Applebee’s Date Night Pass Delirium: Exclusive Passes Vanish in a 30 seconds!

Applebee’s, the widely-loved national chain, recently unveiled an exclusive weekly “date night” pass priced at $200. The pass, available exclusively online, promised customers a delightful $30 discount on over 50 meals at any Applebee’s location, extending its validity through 2025. However, the immensely sought-after date night passes, released for official purchase, vanished from availability within just 30 seconds.

An outside view of Applebee's
An outside view of Applebee’s.

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Unprecedented Demand and Frenzy

An Applebee’s spokesperson revealed, “The excitement and demand from guests for Applebee’s Date Night Pass far surpassed our expectations.” While the restaurant chain did not disclose the exact number of passes sold, reports indicated that there were “tens of thousands of hungry guests waiting to try and snag a pass” moments before the sale kicked off.

Customer Discontent and Social Media Outcry

Social media platforms echoed with frustrations from customers who found themselves unable to secure a pass. One user lamented, “Literally spamming refresh on @Applebees for the date night and didn’t even see the option to purchase one. What’d they sell, like 5 of them?”.

Another expressed, “Listen, I’m not even mad if they sold 5. I’m mad cuz I emailed them to make sure I knew the right place and they gave me the wrong link lol. Just seemed extremely unorganized, and they didn’t think about how we would feel after the fact.”

The Fate of the Applebee’s Date Night Pass

The future availability of Applebee’s date night passes remains uncertain. The company’s website stated that “a limited number of exclusive passes would be sold,” leaving it unclear if more will be released this year. Applebee’s did, however, encourage customers to “join Club Applebee’s for future updates.”

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