Diana Ross: A Star in Her Own Right and at the Heart of a Star-Studded Family

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with the fabulous Diana Ross! Born on March 26, 1944, in the lively city of Detroit, Michigan, she’s not just an icon; she’s the epitome of American singing and acting greatness! You know her as the powerhouse lead singer of The Supremes, right? Well, she was more than just a hit; she was Motown’s golden ticket in the swinging 60s and one of the all-time best-selling girl groups!

But hey, have you ever wondered what made her soar to stardom or how she’s linked to the legendary Michael Jackson? Those are some intriguing questions that have piqued people’s curiosity, and guess what? We’ve got the scoop!

Diana Ross and her Family
Diana Ross and her Family. Getty Images

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Soaring Stardom

Once Diana Ross set sail on her solo journey after bidding farewell to The Supremes in 1970, there was no stopping her! Her solo career skyrocketed, and she kicked it off with a bang, clinching her first solo U.S. number-one hit with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

That was just the beginning of her solo sensation! Among her timeless tunes, “I’m Coming Out” stands tall. Produced by the dynamic duo Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards and released in 1980 as part of her album Diana, this track isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem for the vibrant and diverse LGBT community. It’s all about embracing who you are and shouting it out loud for the world to hear!

Diana Ross: Family Life

Diana Ross’s journey isn’t just about the spotlight; her personal life shines just as brightly! With two marriages under her belt, she’s the proud mama to five amazing kids. Let’s do a quick roll call: first up, her daughters Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney Ross, born during her marriage to Robert Ellis Silberstein. Then there’s her eldest, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, fathered by none other than Motown Records founder Berry Gordy. And let’s not forget her two sons, Ross Arne Naess and Evan Ross, from her marriage to Arne Naess Jr.

Rhonda Ross Kendrick

Rhonda Ross Kendrick
Rhonda Ross Kendrick. Photo by NOAM GALAI/WIREIMAGE

Rhonda Ross Kendrick, born Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein on August 14, 1971, is an American singer and former actress. Raised by Robert Ellis Silberstein, Diana Ross’s husband at the time, Rhonda was publicly known as his daughter, even though everyone knew the real story. At 13, she found out the truth, which helped her understand why she looked a bit different from her younger sisters.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo by Dan Doperalski for Variety

Meet Tracee Ellis Ross, born on October 29, 1972, but you might know her better as the vibrant actress from the US, Tracee Joy Silberstein! She’s a household name thanks to her standout performances in popular TV series like Girlfriends (2000–2008) and Black-ish (2014–2022). Her talent shines bright, earning her five Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her role in Black-ish.

Tracee’s got showbiz in her blood as the daughter of the legendary Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein. She kicked off her acting journey in indie flicks and variety shows, even hosting The Dish on Lifetime. Remember Joan Clayton from Girlfriends? That was her, landing two NAACP Image Awards for her stellar portrayal. She’s also graced the big screen in movies like Hanging Up (2000), I-See-You.Com (2006), and Daddy’s Little Girls (2007).

In her latest gig, she’s been captivating audiences as Dr. Rainbow Johnson in Black-ish, bagging six NAACP Image Awards and even a Golden Globe for her magnetic performance. Plus, she’s flexed her creative muscles by co-creating the Black-ish spin-off, Mixed-ish, and dazzling us on the big screen with her musical talents in The High Note (2020). 🌟

Chudney Ross and Ross Arne Naess

Chudney Ross
Chudney Ross. Photo by MARCUS INGRAM/GETTY

Chudney Ross, born in 1975, is a write and the youngest daughter of Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein. Unlike her siblings, she has chosen to maintain a relatively low profile.

Ross Arne Naess
Ross Arne Naess. Photo by MORGAN LIEBERMAN/GETTY

Diana Ross’s marriage to Norwegian businessman Arne Naess Jr. brought two more children into the family: Ross Arne Naess and Evan Ross. Ross Arne Naess has inherited his father’s love of exploring the great outdoors and his passion for winter sports.

Evan Ross

Evan Ross

Evan Olav Ross-Næss (born August 26, 1988), the multi-talented American actor and musician! You might recognize him from his debut in the film ATL (2006), and he’s dazzled us in Pride (2007), According to Greta (2009), and more. On TV, he’s graced our screens in 90210 and Star, showing off his acting chops. But wait, there’s more! As a musician, he dropped his catchy singles “Yes Me” (2011) and “How To Live Alone” (2015). Plus, he’s got some pretty cool genes, being the son of Diana Ross and Arne Næss Jr. He’s happily married to singer-songwriter Ashlee Simpson since 2014, and they’re rocking parenthood with two adorable kiddos.

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