Pope Francis’ Net Worth: The Truth Behind His Levish Lifestyle

Pope Francis, originally known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, serves as the spiritual guide for over one-sixth of the global populace, accounting for approximately 1.3 billion individuals. Despite his significant influence, the specifics of his personal finances remain a subject of curiosity and conjecture.

Pope francis
Pope Francis. Getty images

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Pope Francis’ Personal Wealth

The Vatican, encompassing the city-state of Rome and serving as the governing and spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church, holds assets valued at a remarkable 4 billion euros. However, this immense wealth does not directly translate into personal wealth for Pope Francis.

Estimates of Pope Francis’ personal net worth vary widely. While some sources peg his net worth at around $80 million, others suggest figures closer to $16 million. Yet another source estimates his personal worth to be around 2.5 million euros. These discrepancies highlight the difficulty in accurately determining the Pope’s personal wealth.

Sources of Income and Earnings

Despite the speculation surrounding his net worth, Pope Francis does not receive a conventional salary for his role as the Pope, adhering to a longstanding tradition within the Catholic Church. Instead, his income primarily comprises monthly stipends from the Vatican, disbursed throughout his tenure.

Upon retirement, Pope Francis is expected to receive a pension comparable to that of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, which was reported to be about $3,300 a month.

A Life of Humility

Despite the estimates of his considerable net worth, Pope Francis is known for his modest lifestyle choices. Preferring to reside in a modest three-room dormitory rather than the opulent accommodations favored by his predecessors, he approaches both personal and institutional expenditures with prudence and mindfulness. This lifestyle choice reflects his commitment to the values of humility and simplicity, which are central to his papacy.

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