Defending Trump: Alina Habba’s Strategies Draw Sharp Criticism in Trial

Alina Habba, the legal representative for former President Donald Trump, is facing increased scrutiny in the spotlight amid her involvement in the defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll. Criticism has been directed at Habba for her courtroom demeanor and defense tactics.

alina habba donald trump 1925543127 Defending Trump: Alina Habba's Strategies Draw Sharp Criticism in Trial
Former U.S. President Donald Trump stands with his lawyer Alina Habba as she speaks to the media at one of his properties, 40 Wall Street, following closing arguments at his civil fraud trial on January 11, 2024 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Habba’s conduct within the courtroom has stirred controversy, with Judge Lewis Kaplan rebuking her for not adhering to courtroom etiquette. Multiple requests for trial postponements from Habba were denied by Judge Kaplan, contributing to negative assessments of her performance, which has been labeled a “disaster” for the defense.

Questions have also been raised about Habba’s defense strategy, particularly her violation of Judge Kaplan’s order restricting discussion of specific case aspects. During opening statements, Habba suggested that Carroll strategically timed her public disclosure to garner maximum media attention. Legal experts, however, criticized this argument, asserting that such accusations are not typically made for fame or gain.

Past comments by Habba about pretending to be intelligent have resurfaced, further intensifying the critique surrounding her courtroom proficiency.

Having previously stepped down from defending Trump in a fraud lawsuit, filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Habba has assumed a new role within Trump’s Save America leadership political action committee.

E. Jean Carroll’s case accuses Trump of sexual assault in the 1990s, with Carroll seeking damages of at least $10 million for reputational harm resulting from Trump’s denial of her allegations. Judge Kaplan, presiding over the trial, has already determined that Trump defamed and sexually abused Carroll in 2019, leaving the jury to deliberate on damages.

As the trial unfolds, the impact of Alina Habba’s performance on the case’s outcome remains uncertain, but her role as Trump’s lawyer has undeniably thrust her into the public eye amid widespread criticism.

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