Short review of Society of the Snow: A Harrowing Tale of the Andes Plane Crash

The story of the 1972 Andes plane crash, where 16 men, many of them members of a Uruguayan rugby team, survived for 72 days before being rescued, has been documented in two fictionalized films available for streaming: 1993’s Alive and 2024’s Society of the Snow, which just hit Netflix Thursday.

Society of the snow
Society of the Snow. Netflix

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Both films take differing approaches to these harrowing, horrifying events, and both succeed and falter in their own ways. While Alive is steeped in heavy dialogue, much of it religious in theme, Society of the Snow seeks more authenticity in staging the various nightmares these young men confronted during their odyssey.

The actors in Society of the Snow are all Uruguayan or Argentinian, and the entire film is in Spanish, making it a more authentic representation of the story. The cold is truly felt; the rush of avalanches is bracing and terrible. The crash scene, while slightly less operatic than Alive, more harrowingly depicts what might happen in such a situation.

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