Top Countries to Visit in 2024: Exploring the Safest Havens

Ensuring a secure and enriching travel experience is a top priority for globetrotters, and the annual report by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection sheds light on the 15 ‘officially’ safest places to explore in 2024. Let’s delve into the rankings and uncover what makes these countries the go-to destinations for worry-free travel.

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Canada Takes the Crown

Canada emerges as the undisputed champion, securing the top spot in Berkshire Hathaway’s ‘Safest Places’ report. Its cold weather and low population density contribute to its safety credentials. Notably, Canada also clinches first place in transportation safety, health measures, lack of violent criminal offenses, and inclusivity. This significant rise from the 2023 report showcases Canada’s commitment to fostering a secure environment for both residents and visitors.

Diverse Countries in the Spotlight

The list features a diverse array of countries, each offering unique attractions and safety features. Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Spain, and Brazil complete the lineup. While these nations are considered overall safe, it’s crucial to note that the report doesn’t guarantee safety in every part of these countries or account for natural disasters.

Factors Influencing Safety

Berkshire Hathaway’s ranking relies on a comprehensive analysis, incorporating data from the Global Peace Index, State Department travel safety ratings, and GeoSure Global scores. The report underscores the evolving definition of a safe destination, emphasizing freedom of movement without discrimination or harassment as a crucial aspect.

Top 10 Countries to visit in 2024 (Safest) in Detail

  1. Canada: Leading the pack, Canada boasts safety in transportation, health measures, and inclusivity. Diverse landscapes and welcoming locals make it a must-visit.
  2. Switzerland: Renowned for stunning landscapes and high living standards, Switzerland is a haven for travelers with efficient public transportation.
  3. Norway: Famous for fjords and outdoor activities, Norway’s emphasis on social equality and public safety makes it an ideal destination.
  4. Ireland: Rich history, friendly locals, and beautiful landscapes define Ireland as a secure and welcoming country.
  5. Netherlands: Picturesque canals and tulip fields make the Netherlands a safe and accessible destination.
  6. United Kingdom: Historic landmarks and diverse cultures characterize the United Kingdom, offering a secure travel environment.
  7. Portugal: Rich history, delicious cuisine, and beautiful coastlines make Portugal a safe and inviting destination.
  8. Denmark: Known for the hygge lifestyle and modern design, Denmark is another safe country for travel.
  9. Iceland: Beyond unique landscapes, Iceland is renowned for its safety, earning its spot in the top 10.
  10. Australia: Natural beauty, vibrant cities, and a laid-back lifestyle make Australia a go-to destination for worry-free travel.

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