India’s Travel Downturn Hits Maldives: A Slump in Tourism Reservations

The Maldives, renowned for its idyllic beauty, is grappling with a substantial drop in travel bookings from India, marking a noteworthy development. This decline is attributed to derogatory comments made by Maldivian ministers against India and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The incident has triggered the emergence of the ‘Boycott Maldives’ trend on Indian social media platforms.

The Origin

The disparaging remarks surfaced following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s posts on his official social media account. Modi showcased the pristine beaches of India’s Lakshadweep archipelago, positioning it as an alternative tourist destination. This move was perceived by some as a subtle attempt to divert tourists away from the Maldives.

Narendra Modi

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The Repercussions

In response to the controversy, EaseMyTrip, a prominent Indian travel platform, took a stand by suspending all flight and hotel bookings for the Maldives. Nishant Pitti, the company’s co-founder and CEO, declared the suspension, emphasizing that it was done “in solidarity with our nation.” Consequently, numerous Indian tourists have reportedly canceled their planned trips to the Maldives. The Indian Association of Tour Operators anticipates the boycott’s impact becoming evident within the next 20-25 days.

Boycott Maldives

The Fallout

The repercussions have translated into a 40% reduction in daily bookings, accompanied by a twofold increase in flight cancellations. On the flip side, online searches for travel to Lakshadweep have witnessed a staggering surge of over 3,000%.

Capitalizing on the situation, EaseMyTrip initiated a ‘Visit Lakshadweep’ campaign, positioning the Indian archipelago as a tourist destination comparable to the Maldives. The company plans to roll out attractive travel packages for Lakshadweep, aiming to entice travelers.

The Future Outlook

Given the Maldives’ heavy reliance on tourism, the ongoing boycott could lead to substantial financial losses. In 2023, India stood as the largest source of tourists to the Maldives, contributing a significant $380 million to its economy. This diplomatic row has inadvertently shifted attention to Lakshadweep, sharing similarities with the Maldives in its scenic atolls and coral reefs. With the prevailing trend, it is anticipated that more Indian tourists will opt for domestic destinations like Lakshadweep over international choices like the Maldives.

The diplomatic dispute between India and the Maldives is significantly impacting the tourism sector. The boycott initiated by Indian tourists has the potential to reshape the tourism landscape in the region, with domestic destinations gaining preference over international ones.

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