MatPat Announces YouTube Semi-Retirement: Game Theorists’ Legacy Continues

Matthew Patrick, popularly known as MatPat on YouTube, has shared news of his semi-retirement from the platform. In a poignant 25-minute video titled “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat announced that his last Theory episode would air on March 9, marking a transition as he hands over the channels to new leadership. Alongside his wife, Stephanie, MatPat co-founded the renowned Game Theorists channel, celebrated for its in-depth analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s lore. The Game Theory series, initiated in 2011, has expanded to include a live gaming talk show, along with spinoff channels focusing on film, food, and style. Reflecting on his journey, the 37-year-old expressed his sentiments in the emotional video, stating, “This has been a literal third of my life. And I’m gonna miss you. I’m gonna miss this.” The reins of his channels will be entrusted to four members of his staff.

MatPat, who hosted the Streamy Awards last year, acknowledged that 2023 marked the pinnacle of the Theorist lifespan, boasting the highest views and achievements. However, the toll of over a decade with a predominant “work first” focus prompted him to reflect on missing simpler moments. “I miss the days where I could just sit down on the couch with [Stephanie] and play video games, and it’s not for content,” he shared. “Or I’m playing a game, and I’m not thinking about what theories are gonna come out of that. I miss it.” MatPat’s complete farewell, where he outlines plans for continued involvement behind the scenes and potential appearances in livestreams and Style Theory videos, can be watched in the video above.

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