Soup Attack on Mona Lisa: What made protesters commit such defying act?

Protesters at Mona Lisa paining gallery
This image grab taken from AFPTV footage shows two environmental activists from the collective dubbed “Riposte Alimentaire” (Food Retaliation) gesturing as they stand in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” . Photo by David CANTINIAUX / AFPTV / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Activists’ Message

Members of ‘Riposte Alimentaire’ claimed their actions were a plea for “healthy and sustainable food.” By choosing the globally celebrated Mona Lisa, they sought maximum visibility for their cause, emphasizing the urgency of their environmental message.

The Soup Attack on Mona Lisa

In broad daylight, the activists tossed yellow soup at the painting, protected by a glass case. Climbing under the barrier, they stood beside the splattered artwork, hands raised in a symbolic salute. One activist revealed a slogan-bearing T-shirt, amplifying their environmental message.

Preserving the Masterpiece

Despite the commotion, the Mona Lisa emerged unscathed, thanks to the robust glass casing shielding it from the soup. Louvre staff swiftly surrounded the painting with black cloth screens, preventing further disturbance from onlookers or protesters.

Official Reaction

The Louvre Museum plans to file a complaint against the environmental activists. Concerns are raised about how the protesters successfully infiltrated the museum with soup, given the stringent bag checks in place. The incident raises questions about the security measures in prestigious art institutions.

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