Taylor Swift Stands Up Against Pregnancy Speculation, Backs Lady Gaga’s Response

Following online chatter about her potential pregnancy, Lady Gaga swiftly shut down rumors with a TikTok video, clarifying that she’s “not pregnant-just down bad cryin at the gym.” The pop star’s message was a nod to a lyric from Taylor Swift’s song “Down Bad.”

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Swift’s Supportive Comment

Taylor Swift, known for her advocacy against body scrutiny, commended Lady Gaga’s response and emphasized the importance of respecting others’ privacy. In a comment on Gaga’s TikTok, Swift urged people to refrain from commenting on women’s bodies and emphasized that no one owes an explanation about their personal lives.

Taylor Swift Stands Up Against Pregnancy Speculation, Backs Lady Gaga's Response

Background on Pregnancy Speculation

Speculation about Gaga’s pregnancy sparked after photos from her sister’s wedding surfaced, leading some to believe she was concealing a pregnancy. However, Gaga’s candid response debunked the rumors and redirected the focus to important issues like voting registration.

Swift’s Personal Experience

Swift’s comment reflects her own struggles with body scrutiny and pregnancy rumors, which she candidly addressed in her documentary “Miss Americana.” She revealed how such speculation had negatively impacted her mental health, leading to struggles with disordered eating.

Advocating for Respect and Privacy

Both Swift and Gaga’s responses highlight the need for greater sensitivity and respect regarding discussions about women’s bodies. Swift’s past experiences underscore the harmful effects of invasive speculation and emphasize the importance of supporting individuals’ autonomy over their own narratives.


In an era where social media often fuels speculation and scrutiny, Swift and Gaga’s messages serve as powerful reminders of the importance of compassion, understanding, and respecting boundaries in public discourse. Their united stance against invasive commentary sets a valuable precedent for promoting healthier dialogues surrounding personal matters.

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