Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in Florida: Fort Lauderdale Takes a Hit

A tornado touched down in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday night, causing damage to homes and other structures. The tornado was part of a larger storm system that moved across Florida, bringing heavy rain, damaging wind gusts, small hail, and funnel clouds. The National Weather Service confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in Broward County on Wednesday, one just west of Interstate 95 and north of Sheridan, near TY Park in Hollywood, and the other near Griffin Road, south of the airport and east of I-95 in Dania Beach.

The flooding in Fort Lauderdale has been deemed a β€œ1 in 1,000 year flood,” meaning there is just a 0.1 percent chance of it happening in any given year . A state of emergency was declared for Broward County as more strong storms brought the threat of heavy rain, damaging wind gusts, small hail, and funnel clouds. The worst of the weather was expected to occur throughout the afternoon and early evening in Broward, although Miami-Dade County was not fully in the clear.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates.

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