Las Vegas courtroom attack: Defendant leaps over judge’s bench in ‘superman’ move

In a shocking incident at a Las Vegas courtroom, a judge faced a harrowing attack during a sentencing hearing on Wednesday. The assailant, identified as Deobra Redden, disrupted proceedings when he charged forward and leapt over the judge’s bench in what has been described as a “superman” move. The disturbing incident, captured on courtroom video, occurred after it was revealed that Redden was to be sentenced to prison in connection with a felony battery case.

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Despite the alarming attack, Nevada judge Mary Kay Holthus returned to work the following day. The courtroom video showcased Redden landing on top of the judge, grabbing her hair, and causing an American flag to fall onto both of them. Holthus sustained injuries but was evaluated and did not require hospitalization, courthouse officials confirmed.

Chief Judge Jerry Wiese announced that the defendant, Deobra Redden, is set to face Las Vegas’s Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus again on Monday morning for his rescheduled sentencing. Wiese shared a statement from Holthus during a news conference, expressing gratitude for the support and brave actions taken during the attack.

The violent episode unfolded into a bloody brawl, requiring the intervention of Holthus’s law clerk, Michael Lasso, and several court and jail officers. Lasso played a crucial role in swiftly pulling Redden off the judge, preventing more severe injuries. A courtroom marshal and Lasso were treated for injuries sustained during the struggle.

Redden, 30, now faces $54,000 bail for the attack, but he refused to appear in court on Thursday for the new charges. His next court appearance has been rescheduled for January 9, with 13 counts against him, including extortion and coercion with force. Seven of these counts pertain to battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and officers who intervened.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson emphasized Redden’s violent criminal history, citing three felonies and nine misdemeanors. Redden, previously convicted for a domestic battery charge, has been deemed an “extreme danger to the community and a flight risk.

“During the sentencing hearing, Redden, who had previously pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, was not restrained or in jail attire. As the judge indicated her intention to send him to prison, Redden, in a white shirt and dark pants, erupted with expletives and charged forward, leading to the disturbing incident in the courtroom.

Mary Kay Holthus, with over 27 years of courthouse experience, was elected to the state court bench in 2018 after a career as a prosecutor.

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