Ryan Garcia’s B-sample positive for banned substance

In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the boxing community, Ryan Garcia’s B sample has tested positive for a banned substance following his bout with Devin Haney. This follows the initial positive result from his A sample for the performance-enhancing drug ostarine.

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The Positive Test

Ostarine, known for its muscle-building properties, has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2008. Classified as an anabolic agent, it can significantly enhance performance. The samples that tested positive were collected around the time of Garcia’s fight with Haney, where Garcia won by majority decision.

Garcia’s Response

Despite the positive test, Garcia insists he is innocent, attributing the result to possible contamination. His legal team has been proactive, submitting a hair sample for analysis by Dr. Pascal Kintz, a leading toxicology expert. The hair sample results came back negative, which Garcia’s team argues supports the theory of contamination rather than intentional use.

Career Implications

The implications of these findings are serious. Garcia, who was already criticized for missing weight before the fight, could now face suspension, fines, or even have the fight result changed to a no contest. This would be a major setback for his career, potentially halting his progress and damaging his reputation.

What’s Next for Garcia?

As the situation unfolds, Garcia’s team is determined to clear his name. They are testing the supplements Garcia used before the fight, hoping to find a contaminated product. Meanwhile, the boxing world is waiting for the New York State Athletic Commission’s decision on any formal penalties.

The Road Ahead

For Garcia, the future is unclear. If the contamination defense proves valid, he might lessen some of the damage to his career. Yet, the shadow of a positive drug test is difficult to dispel. Garcia will have to put in considerable effort to regain trust among fans and within the boxing community.

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