Little Kitty, Big City: A Detailed Review

Are you a cat lover who finds the way cats behave very intriguing? Then, Little Kitty, Big City is the game made just for you.

Full of adventure, Little Kitty, Big City is the debut release from Double Dagger Studio. The game allows you to step into the paws of a curious little kitty with a big personality, lost in a large Japanese city. Your main objective in the game is to navigate the cat back to its home.

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Brief Gameplay

In “Little Kitty, Big City,” the gameplay is totally freeform! You get to control the cat and roam around the city. What’s even cooler? Your cat can chat with other animals and even try on different hats for fun! This game is all about exploring at your own pace in a big, open-world playground full of surprises. You can meet all sorts of colorful animal friends, tackle quests, lend a paw to your furry pals, or just stir up some playful mischief. Plus, there are tons of adorable hats for your kitty to rock along the way!

Who Should consider?

“Little Kitty, Big City” is like a warm hug for cat enthusiasts, offering a charmingly simple gameplay experience. With its cozy sandbox and straightforward mechanics, it’s easy to lose yourself in completing tasks for hours on end. It’s the ideal game for those who crave a laid-back, yet captivating adventure that truly immerses you in its world.


We absolutely adore “Little Kitty, Big City”! From the adorable main character to the soothing yet captivating gameplay, it’s a real treat for cat lovers. The game really puts you in the shoes (or paws!) of a curious kitty exploring a vibrant cityscape. While some have mentioned it’s a bit short for a cat with nine lives, we found the experience enchanting from start to finish. Sure, there are a few fetch quests and collectibles to gather, but they just add to the charm of the game. Overall, it’s a delightful adventure that’s perfect for a cozy afternoon of gaming fun!

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  • 1000009599 Little Kitty, Big City: A Detailed Review
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  • 1000009602 Little Kitty, Big City: A Detailed Review
  • 1000009603 Little Kitty, Big City: A Detailed Review
  • 1000009604 Little Kitty, Big City: A Detailed Review

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Launching Platform

Little Kitty, Big City was released on May 9, 2024. The game is available on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

Similar Games like Little Kitty, Big City

There are several games that offer a similar experience to Little Kitty, Big City. Some of these include Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and Cats Organized Neatly according to SteamPeek. These games also offer a wholesome and cute exploration experience.

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