TikTok’s Latest Trend ‘Legging Legs’ Faces Heavy Criticism Over Body Shaming

In the dynamic landscape of social media, trends emerge and fade away swiftly. One recent trend making waves, particularly on TikTok, is the “Legging Legs” trend. While appearing harmless at first glance, this trend has ignited discussions and controversies surrounding body image and the potential risks of body shaming.

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Understanding “Legging Legs”

“Legging Legs” refers to a perceived ideal set of legs considered perfect for wearing leggings. These legs are often described as slim, lengthy, with a noticeable thigh gap. This trend has gained popularity among users from Gen Z and Gen Alpha, garnering over 33 million views on TikTok.

The TikTok Trend

On TikTok, participants showcase the trend by sharing videos featuring themselves in yoga pants, revealing their bodies while emphasizing their thigh gaps. The criteria for possessing “legging legs” within this trend include having a thigh gap and slender legs. The trend implies that individuals with a petite physique carry off yoga pants and tights more effectively.

Facing Criticism

Despite its popularity, the “Legging Legs” trend has faced substantial criticism. Numerous users, particularly women, have condemned the trend, labeling it as “hurtful” and a potential source of new insecurities. Some critics draw parallels to the “body image” posts that circulated on Tumblr in 2014, expressing concerns that the trend may contribute to body shaming and induce body image-related challenges.

Clinical therapist Holly Essler addressed the issue in a TikTok post, urging users not to let social media dictate their body’s worth. She emphasized that everyone with a body and a pair of leggings possesses “legging legs” and encouraged embracing confidence and pride while wearing leggings.

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