Truecaller, Microsoft partner: AI responds to calls using your voice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun replacing traditional voice agents, and companies are now looking to enhance this technology by creating synthetic versions of human voices. Truecaller, a popular caller ID service, is at the forefront of this innovation. Recently, Truecaller announced that its AI-powered Assistant can now answer phone calls using the customer’s own voice.

Partnership with Microsoft

This new feature is made possible through a collaboration with Microsoft. Truecaller leverages Microsoft’s Personal Voice technology, introduced as part of Azure AI Speech in November. This partnership enables Truecaller to offer its users a more personalized and human-like interaction with their AI Assistant.

How It Works

To use this feature, Truecaller’s paid users must record a short script in their own voice. This recording, once consent is given, creates a digital copy of the user’s voice. Truecaller’s Assistant can then use this digital voice to greet and respond to callers, in addition to the pre-existing system-generated voice options.

Customizing Your AI Assistant

Typically, users can edit the introductory greeting template for callers. However, when using a personal voice, Truecaller restricts this template to ensure clarity that the caller is hearing a “digital” version of the user’s voice. Despite this, users can still customize follow-up responses based on their preferences. Additionally, Azure AI Speech’s technology adds watermarks to the synthetic speech outputs, allowing a detector tool to identify them as synthetic.

Launch and Availability

Truecaller plans to roll out the personal voice feature over the next few weeks, starting with markets including the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile. Initially, it will be available to public beta users, with a broader release to all users in these regions to follow.

Looking Ahead

“We firmly believe that the personal voice feature will revolutionize the way our users manage their calls and elevate their overall experience with Truecaller Assistant. We look forward to further exploring the potential of AI-powered voice technologies in partnership with Microsoft and delivering even more innovative solutions to our global user base,” said Raphael Mimoun, product director and general manager of Truecaller Israel, in a statement.

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