Why Kim Kardashian was heavily booed at The Tom Brady Roast Show

The roast of Tom Brady, also billed as “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady,” was a celebrity roast special that aired on the streaming service platform Netflix. The show was hosted by Kevin Hart and “roastmaster general” Jeff Ross. It aired live on Netflix as part of the “Netflix is a Joke” comedy festival in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2024.

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The Incident

As soon as Kim Kardashian took the mic at the roast, the reality star could barely even get a word out before she was so loudly wooed by the crowd that even she had to take a second to react. Shrugging the incident, Kim went on to address her relationship with Brady (or lack thereof) — simultaneously making a series of self-deprecating digs at herself and her past relationships. She also broke the silence on the ongoing rumours of her connection with Tom by saying, “he reminds me of my step father.”

The Aftermath

The internet had her back after the incident.

Some simply shared their disgust. “The videos of Kim Kardashian getting relentlessly booed by a crowd full of men, then that same crowd roaring with laughter about her naked body later in the night actually felt dystopian to me,” one person wrote via X (formerly known as Twitter).

“This is so gross… ‘oh it’s kim kardashian let’s just treat her like she’s not human and doesn’t have feelings!’” someone else tweeted.

“I don’t care for Kim K but that woman did not deserve getting booed, slut shamed on national TV and overall disrespected,” a third fan wrote.

Others not only praised Kardashian’s handling of the whole thing — “Oh she handled it like a Queen she is,” one user wrote — they felt like she could’ve gone harder.

“Kim is too humble for my liking,” tweeted a fan. “I would’ve booed everyone in that room’s net worth combined.”

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